OK. Moment of truth last night while I was sitting at my laptop. I reached back and something went pop in my tummy. Weird sensation. Small. I ignored it. Went to shower and saw this black and blue mark. I don’t remember banging myself, but maybe I did when John and I were hardware store shopping several times over the weekend. When I lifted the giant box of holiday decorations to it’s 11-month spot above my closet on Sunday, I scraped my arm. Instantly a big red welt developed. It’s still there. So, come to hay Zeus moment for me last night. I’m officially a BEFORE, again. Smile. Let’s do this?

With optimism I begin 2013. This afternoon is my first Try Fitness winter cycling session. I got a great vibe off the group that had gathered at Saturday’s meeting. Life still happens. There’s a scheduling conflict already with a…

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Pinterest Verification Lots of you have been asking about website verification for Pinterest — the process that tells Pinterest that you own the website listed in your profile. Once your site is verified, your blog’s URL appears on your profile and in search results alongside the nifty little “Verified!” checkmark.

We’ve now added Pinterest to the list of webmaster tools we support. Verifying your blog with Pinterest is as easy as cutting and pasting a single line of code and hitting “save.”

(There I am, all verified. Don’t I look like a power user?)

If the idea of having to deal with code makes your nervous, don’t worry; our simple instructions tell you exactly what to put where. In less than a minute, you can have a checkmark of your very own, letting your followers know that you’re a trusted source of finding awesome stuff on the internet.

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