Recharge & Repower in 3 Minutes or Less | Whole Brain Leadership

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I believe in Cool Tools>> strategies/techiniques that can be used quickly, effectively and almost anywhere; because, time is our most limited resource.  Using the time we have to build greater whole brain thinking, and 3Q Leadership™ ( Enhanced: IQ-intelligence  EQ-emotional mastery SQ-values alignment/spiritual quotient ) is more than my work, it is a personal and professional passion for helping smart people and organizations communicate & lead forward smarter, faster and happier.

**Whole brain thinking incorporates both the left and right sides of the brain. The left side of the brain deals with linear and logical thought processes, whereas the right side of the brain controls the imagination, intuition, creativity. We were all trained to be linear thinkers, but it is critical to develop whole brain skills and strengths.  Doing so can be fun and simple. Whole brain thinking is a critical leadership competency.

Free Tips and Exercises You Can Do In 3 Minutes or less a Day.  Simple, fast and free.  Triple Bonus.

• Identify the path (walking/driving) you prefer, then take a different one.

• In a similar vein in your personal life, experiment with taking one old habit every week and tossing it out the window or changing it.

•Walk down a street you are familiar with and search for something you have never seen or noticed before.  The results will surprise you!

• Uplift your posture. There are few more powerful ways to raise and sustain energy than to ease your posture upward, which frees your breathing and raises your energy level.

• Stretch your Strengths by applying them in new ways.

• Try writing a few sentences in the reverse direction, or with your opposing hand.

• Embrace new experiences.  Focus on learning from everything! What you focus on grows, and a positive focus on learning will expand your learning potential.

• Change at least one routine every day.

• Pause for 10 seconds before you respond.  Taking your ego (need to be validated out of the equation and refocusing you your objective).

• Take charge of tension by releasing it, fast.  Clench whatever part of your body is tense, and release it.  Even better, do your whole body-clenching & releasing.

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